18 April 2024

Update - Delivery of the DCC 1460 /1502 Models

Just a brief update on the delivery of the DCC versions of the 1460/1502 Class.

SDS Models have advised that final assembly of the DCC models will be underway very soon, with delivery now expected in late May 2024.


17 April 2024

BEZY / QQAY Container Wagon Project Announced

CGL Models in conjunction with SDS Models are pleased to formally announce the BEZY/QQAY Container Wagon Project.

CGL Models is proud to have been involved with the research and development of this project for Queensland modellers, and the second QR container wagon model produced in partnership with SDS Models.

The original BEZY Container Wagon was first introduced in 1999 and still in operation today as well as the QQAY which was modified for standard gauge intermodal operations. Each BEZY or QQAY could carry three 20ft (6.1m) containers, or one 40ft (12.2 m) container plus one 20ft (6.1m) container.

The BEZY/QQAY model project consists of seven packs with 4 wagons per pack. Pack 1, 2, 3, and 4 are BEZY wagons from 1999 onwards. Pack 5, 6, and 7 are QQAY's from 2004 onwards. All four BEZY packs are available in HOn3.5 - 12mm gauge as well as HO - 16.5mm gauge.


4 January 2024

1460 & 1502 DC Models Have Arrived

The 1460 & 1502 Class models in DC configurations have arrived in Australia and we will commence mailing out orders to our customers in the coming days. If you have moved or changed address since placing your order with us, now would be a good time to review what address information you have provided as we will be mailing your order to the address you originally supplied. Please let us know ASAP if there are any changes.

All orders will be mailed out in the sequence they were received. Please understand that we have a very large number of orders to fill, and it will take some time to work through them.

1528 - HOn3.5 12mm Gauge Models Sold Out in DC & DCC

We would also like to advise that 1528, the 1502 Class model exclusive to CGL Models has now sold out in HOn3.5 12mm gauge in both DC and DCC versions. HO 16.5mm gauge versions remain available of 1528.


21 November 2023

Update on the 1460, 1502, 1620 Class Projects & Pine Rivers Model Train & Hobby Expo

1460 & 1502 Class Delivery Update - DC Models Shipping Soon

SDS Models has been advised by their factory, that the 1460 and 1502 Class models in DC configuration will be leaving China very soon. If all goes to plan, we are now anticipating the arrival of the 1460/1502 DC locos in HOn3.5 and HO by the end of December. The DCC models will follow in a separate shipment likely to be in early 2024.

1620 Class Update

The 1620 Class models are now expected to be available in 2024. Work has been progressing on the 1620's as well as the other two English Electric locomotive models in this project (the TGR Y Class and WAGR F Class). The accompanying photo shows some factory samples of the body shells from the three locomotive classes.

The special Pre-Delivery order price offer on the 1620 Class models will end at midnight 30th November 2023. Time is running out to order a 1620 and take advantage of the pre-delivery pricing.

As further information comes to hand on the 1620 delivery it will be posted on our website.

Pine Rivers Model Train & Hobby Expo

CGL Models will be attending the Pine Rivers Model Train & Hobby Expo on the weekend of 25 & 26 November at the South Pine Sports Complex, Cribb Road, Brendale. We will have a small quantity of PCO/PCUY Container Wagons in 12mm gauge HOn3.5 available, and these will be on sale from the stand on the weekend. Also available will be our HWO/HWOS Open Wagons. Also, on display will be fully painted and decorated 1460/1502 production samples as well as the 1620 Class tooling sample.



2 August 2023

Update on the 1460 & 1502 Class Project

As previously announced, we displayed sample production models of the 1460 and 1502 Class at Brisbane Model Train Show in early May.

These models were sent out from the factory for evaluation and inspection purposes. Unfortunately, some minor paint and decoration corrections were identified on a few models. The factory agreed to make the necessary corrections and have recently advised that the reassembly of the models is almost complete, and they should be ready to ship to Australia in about 4 weeks.

A further update will be advised when we have a precise shipping date.


1 May 2023

Update on the 1460, 1502, & 1620 Class Projects

Recently SDS Models received one of each of the 1460/1502 models from the supplier. These are based upon the final production stock and were sent out for evaluation and inspection purposes. The 1460 and 1502 models are expected to ship from China soon.

There will be eleven 1460 and 1502 sample models on display at the combined SDS/CGL stand at Brisbane Model Train Show on 6th & 7th May, and there will be two models at Rosehill Exhibition in Sydney on the same weekend. The CGL Models website has been recently updated with photographs of some of these sample models.

The latest news on the 1620 Class is all these models have had the plastic parts injected and the project is progressing well. Delivery of the 1620 Class models is still expected to be later this year.


22 October 2022

Update on the 1460/1502 Class Project



Work is underway in China on this much anticipated project with the models now in the final stages of spray painting and tampo printing.

Depending on the assembly times they may not leave China until after the Chinese New Year holiday in February 2023. Both 1460 and 1502 models are expected to arrive together.

As many of our customers have pre-ordered multiple units in both classes, we are anticipating dispatching the models of both classes together soon after their arrival in Australia.


5 February 2022

PCO / PCUY Project Developed in Conjunction with SDS Models

CGL Models in conjunction with SDS Models are pleased to formally announce the PCO/PCUY Container Wagon Project.

CGL Models is proud to have been involved with the research and development of this project for Queensland modellers, and the first QR wagon model produced in partnership with SDS Models.

The original PCO Container Wagon was first introduced in 1986 and is still in operation today as the PCUY and other derivatives.

Each PCO or PCUY could carry two 20ft (6.1m) containers, one 25ft (7.6m) container, or one 40ft (12.2 m) container. One 20ft (6.1m) container weighing up to 19 tons could be carried single when located on the hand brake end of the wagon. The wagon could carry up to 48.5 tons on "S" & "A" class lines, and could be used on Express Freight trains at 80 km/h.

The PCO/PCUY model project consists of five packs with 3 wagons per pack. Pack A and B are PCO wagons from the 1980's and 1990's. Pack C, D, and E are PCUY's from the 1990's onwards.

See the PCO / PCUY page of our website for further information.


11 November 2021

1460 & 1502 Class Locomotive Project Developed in Conjunction with SDS Models

It is with great pleasure that we can now share with you some news that has been over three years in the making.

CGL Models in conjunction with SDS Models is pleased to announce the 1460 and 1502 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive project for Queensland modellers. CGL Models has been working in collaboration with SDS Models on the research as development of this, and other Queensland projects, for around two and a half years, and we can now finally share this exciting news with all QR modellers.

SDS Models is one of Australia's largest, and most respected model railway manufacturers. The SDS website shows an extensive range of quality models produced over the years for Australian modellers. SDS Models is now making the entry into the Australian narrow gauge modelling scene, which includes Queensland. CGL Models is proud to be involved with SDS Models in this new venture.

As well as the 1460/1502 project, we have been working with SDS Models on the development of the 1620 Class model which was announced earlier this year. The QR 1620 Class is one of three narrow gauge locos in this very large project which will also deliver models to Tasmanian and Western Australian modellers

The 1460/1502 project involves 12 models which will be available in both HOn3.5 and HO gauge, as well as DC or factory fitted DCC with sound. All versions of these locos have been catered for, including the Dynamic Brake "Elephant Ear" version of the 1460 Class. Liveries include paint schemes from the 1960's to the late 1990's. Also included in the 1460 range is a Tasrail QR Class from the early 2000's.

The 1460/1502 models are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2022, and both SDS Models and CGL Models will be accepting pre-orders as from today for the models. Some running numbers and liveries are expected to be popular, so to avoid disappointment, we recommend pre-ordering your models as soon as possible. Pre-ordering also allows you to take advantage of the special pre-delivery price offer.

In addition to the twelve running numbers in the project program, CGL Models will be offering an exclusive 1502 Class model from the 1970's to 1990's era. This particular model with the running number 1528 will only be available direct from CGL Models and can also now be pre-ordered.

See the 1460 & 1502 pages of our website for further information.



2 May 2019

Brisbane Model Train Show Special Promotion - HWOS Steel Loads

CGL Models will be attending the Brisbane Model Train Show this weekend at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Gregory Terrace. We are located at site T3 near the main entrance to the Exhibition Building

For customers attending the 2019 Brisbane Model Train Show, CGL Models is pleased to offer a special show promotion of individually made Ready-to-Place steel loads specifically made for our HWOS wagons. If you purchase a pack of HWO wagons that contains a steel traffic HWOS wagon (Pack 3 or Pack 4 in either HOn3½ or HO Gauge) you can add one steel load of your choice to the pack of wagons for free (One steel load will fit out one wagon).

In conjunction with the special offer on Pack 3 & 4, additional loads can be purchased for $15.00 per load with a purchase of these packs during the show. A limited quantity of loads will be available, and will be offered on a first come first served basis until sold out.


31 January 2019

Australian Modeller Joins Our List of Retailers

CGL Models is proud to announce that Australian Modeller, located at Seven Hills New New South Wales, has recently joined our list of approved retailers and now has stock of our HWO/HWOS wagons in HO 16.5mm gauge.


8 October 2018

Modelling The Railways of Queensland Convention - HWO/HWOS Wagon Special

The Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention (MRQC) is on this weekend (Saturday 13/10/18) at the Beenleigh Events Centre, which CGL Models will be attending.

In recognition of this, CGL Models is pleased to offer a convention weekend only special on our HWO/HWOS wagons.

If you purchase any single pack of HWO's the price will drop to $215 ($10 saving). If you purchase 2 or more packs, the price will drop to $200 per pack ($25 saving per pack).

This offer will be available at the 2018 MRQC (limited stock will be available on the day, first in first served). For those that cannot attend the convention, we will also accept email and postal orders. Email orders will only be accepted from 0001hrs on Saturday the 13/10/18 to 2359 hrs on Sunday the 14/10/18. For those people wishing to send their order by post, we must receive your order by the COB on Friday the 19/10/18 to be eligible for the convention special. Email and postal orders will need to include the applicable postage rate.

This will be the last event that CGL Models will be attending for 2018.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention.


6 October 2018

Spare QR37 Bogies

CGL Models is pleased to advise that we have a limited quantity of QR37 Freight Bogies (as fitted to our HWO wagons) now available to purchase.

They are available in both HOn3½ (12mm) and HO (16.5mm) gauges at a cost of $15 per pair. The running qualities of these bogies are superb, so make sure you get them while you can.

The spare bogies will only be available direct from CGL Models, and Order Forms can be found on the Order Form page of this website.

A limited quantity will be available from the CGL Models stand at the the MRQC Convention.


4 October 2018

Wagon Door Spring Stops

CGL Models is pleased to announce our first detail item for the Queensland scratch builder/kit modeller.

The first detail item we are offering is the QR Wagon Door Spring Stop (as fitted to our HWO wagons). They can be fitted to numerous other QR Open Wagons and Cattle Wagons that featured a drop door design. They are available in a pack containing 24 Door Spring Stops and will retail for $5.00 per pack.

These will only be available direct from CGL Models.


25 February 2018

HWO / HWOS Wagons Have Arrived

The HWO & HWOS wagaons have arrived, and all pre-orders have now been posted out to our customers.

We would like to share with you a review from one of our happy customers. Arthur Hayes recently updated his blog (Westgate - South Western Rail) with a review of the HWO/HWOS wagons.

Below is a photo of the models in operation on "Westgate". Photo courtesy of Arthur Hayes.


11 January 2018

HWO / HWOS Production Winding Up At Our Factory

We have been advised by our factory that production of the HWO & HWOS wagons is now winding up, and are expecting the models will be shipped out of China in the not to distant future. We will post further updates as information comes to hand.

In the meantime, we can show you a couple of photos taken at our factory in recent weeks as the models passed through the painting and pad printing stages, before moving to final assembly.


21 November 2017

HWO / HWOS Pre-Delivery Price Offer - Ending 8th December 2017

Production and assembly of the HWO / HWOS Open Wagon models is almost complete, and we wish to advise that the Pre-Delivery price offer of $195.00 per pack will end at 5:00pm on Friday 8th December. Orders received after this date, will be charged at the retail price of $225.00 per pack.

The Pre-Delivery price represents a $30.00 saving per pack of 3 wagons, and many modellers have already taken up the offer, and reserved the packs of their choice. Packs 1 & 2 are very popular, and are likely to sell out first.

If you were thinking of ordering some of our wagons, now is the time to get your order in.


2 October 2017

HWO & HWOS Final Painted Samples

We have recently received the fully painted and decorated samples of the HWO and HWOS wagon. The samples have been approved, and we would like to share some photos of the sample models with you.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the project has run beyond the original time frame we envisaged and therefore we now expect the models to be delivered late this year. However, after viewing the sample model photos we are sure that you will agree that the models are worth waiting for.

Our next update will be to advise that the pre-order pricing is coming to an end.

We would like to thank all of those who have supported us thus far.

The CGL Team.



12 May 2017

HWO Final Tooling Samples

CGL Models proudly unveiled the HWO Open wagon samples for the first time at the Brisbane Model Train Show last weekend. The models that were on display at Brisbane are the final tooling samples and are fully representative of the details that will be on the production model.

Two previously unannounced detail features of the model were also unveiled at the show. These are:-

1. Raised lettering on the bogie side frames.

2. Wood grain detail on the wagon floor panels and insides of the wagon ends.

Tooling has been completed on this project, and the artwork for the individual models in each pack finished. We are expecting the fully painted and pad printed samples from our factory very soon, and once these are approved, the production run of the models will be commenced.


26 April 2017

Welcome to CGL Models

Queensland's newest manufacturer of ready to run HOn3½ and HO scale models of prototype Queensland rollingstock.


Who is CGL Models?

CGL Models Pty Ltd was formed in 2016 by Directors Carl Millington, Graham Nicolson and Lincoln Driver.


What are we doing?

We intend to produce highly detailed, accurate Ready to Run models of rollingstock that has operated in Queensland. Our models will cover a wide range of rollingstock from various periods. Where possible, models will be produced in both 12mm and 16.5mm gauges.


When are we doing it?

As we aim to produce highly detailed and accurate models, development of each model will be a long process. Models may take many months to years to produce. We will not compromise on quality. Queensland modellers can be reassured that when you purchase one of our products, it will be an accurate replica of the original prototype.


Our first model:

Our first project, which has been in development for some time, is the HWO/HWOS Open Wagon. The HWO/HWOS is the first mass produced RTR open wagon for the Queensland Modeller. The HWO wagon has seen service over most of the railway network of Queensland from the late 1970's to the late 2000's.

The HWO's were first built with pressed steel doors and during their service life were modified to have box section fabricated doors fitted. We have elected to produce the latter fabricated door version, which covers about two thirds of their service life.

Production will be commencing with our factory very soon. Delivery is expected during the second half of 2017. Samples will be on display in our display case as part of our presence at the Queensland Scale Models stand at Brisbane Model Train Show on the 6th & 7th of May 2017. We encourage you to visit us at the Brisbane Model Train Show to view these samples. We are sure that you will be very impressed with the level of detail that has gone into these models.

See the HWO page of our website for more details of the HWO project.




We are more than happy to hear from fellow modellers with your comments and suggestions. Our contact details are available from the Contact Us page.



ABN 75 616 140 740